Sunday, December 13, 2009

"rockin around the Christmas Tree, have a Happy Holiday . . "

Last night we attended the annual corporate Christmas
party put on for the community businesses by the Westlock
Inn. First we had to sing for our supper, and I might add that
our table was the best of all - "rockin around the Christmas
Tree, have a Happy Holiday . . ."
The meal was great as usual, then we had the the dance with
he most awesome DJ ever! Every time we looked, she had
changed her costume or at least her hat! Right after, "Jail house
Rock" she came out in a striped jumpsuit and threw about 20 hula
hoops onto the floor! Well--- we had to try - I failed miserably, but
Kristin didn't do too badly! Steve won an MP3 player that was
taped under his chair! He's looking forward to impressing his
young boys with his new toy!
We had a great time in spite of the the minus 30 temperature!