Saturday, December 26, 2009

Something New for us on Christmas Day!

Because we had our Family Christmas Dinner last weekend,
and our intimate family supper on Christmas Eve, Ted & I
decided to go and see a movie . . . famous last words!
I have NEVER seen the movie theatre so busy. Line ups were all
the way outside the doors, and all 4 debit machines was busy with
long line ups as well. I asked Ted if we should have bought tickets
online . . . I guess the answer was"yes!"
The first showing of "Sherlock Holmes" was sold out, so we
bought tickets for the 2nd showing, and went immediately to the
theatre for seats-it was already filling up! OMG! I've never seen
anything like it! I guess not everyone has a family dinner to go
to on Christmas Day!
Quite an eye opener for me as this was the first movie
I have ever seen on Christmas day!