Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Embarrassing!!!

We went for brunch at Mayfield Dinner Theatre today - and
because we had such a late night last night, I was slow getting
going this morning. We had to leave at 8:50 so I left 2 rollers
in my hair, making sure Ted would remind me to remove them
when we got there. As we were pulling up to the Mayfield, Ted
said, "Get out quick and I'll go and park." I jumped out and
saw our friends immediately. I came up to say "Hi!" and they
were all looking at me funny. . . finally Audrey moved her hand
to her face and I realised I still had the bright green rollers in
my hair! Will I ever live that one down?????
You can see me holding the infamous rollers in my hand gripping Ted around
the neck for forgetting to remind me!!!!!
The show was a Seventies Revue and it was so much fun!!!
More to tell later . . .