Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gorgeous Day!

We couldn't have ordered better weather.

Three of us Goldwing gals in front of a little fountain in the town center of Sparwood. The Powers That Be have an ad campaign to bring in young families and workers by selling the community. Homes are reasonable here and wouldn't you rather live here than in Fort Mac? I sure would. It's only 32 km to Fernie where great winter skiing can be found.

We had lunch in Fernie at a cute little place called "Rip & Richard's Bistro and Grill. We enjoyed the sunshine on the patio with a breath-taking view of the mountains in the background.

Beautiful day for a parade - even a short one. We had a large contingency of Goldwings in the coal Mine Days parade. It's a small town! 3900 people only!! Come on!