Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Four Day trip to Jackson Hole, WY

The day didn’t start out well with tussles with the restaurant hostess. Everyone staying at the Days Inn got 2 breakfast passes for the Trappers Restaurant onsite, and a big surprise for most of us was the cranky hostess running the cash register. She refused to seat Arlene, Audrey and I, stating “I don’t make the rules.” What got us was Scott Reid being seated at the ‘party table’ while we stood with our eyes big as saucers! Just before we left on our day trip, Ted actually told her off, which is very rare for him.
Right after we entered the Park, we took a quick detour through Firehole Canyon which was a lovely little side trip. Firehole Falls was gorgeous and we had to stop for a shot or two.

All aboard for Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Hahaha! Construction awaited us! This time loose gravel over tar and 25mph all the way. Once again we had just stopped the bikes, undressed when the line started moving! You could call that good luck though, as Ricky counted 192 vehicles came past us. Wonder how long THEY waitied???

Over the Continental Divide, Craig Pass and first potty break was at Grant Village. No bugs, I just noticed there are no mosquitoes here. A bonus! Great scenery, loads of curves, climbs, and if it wasn’t for the construction, it would be perfect. Just a note, the construction is all part of the economic revitalization designed to get as many people working as possible.
We lunched at Jackson Lake Dam. No shortages of picnic spots along our route. No wonder Yogi Bear was always after the pic-i-nic baskets!!

Our original plan was to spend quality time in Jackson Hole, but we were so delayed in getting there, we only had time for a quick drive through as we wanted to head up to Teton Village and take the Tram up the mountain. This is what quite a few of us did and it was spectacular! Ted was coming unglued seeing all the mountain biking trails visible from the top! Two tram cars go up and down simultaneously and can hold 100 people each. Possible to carry 600 people up and hour!
A unanimous vote was held to avoid going back through the construction, taking another route through Idaho back to West Yellowstone. No brainer there! The view was lovely! We passed by hundreds of irrigated fields of wheat, barley, hay and of course, Idaho Potatoes! The rolling hills and valleys were so green and the best part was the cooling effect riding by the sprinklers!

We DID however, go through one area of construction with very loose gravel and one section of gooey tar, and thankfully, one ten mile section of completed construction! Whoohoo! Things are looking up! Our dusty gang road into West Yellowstone at 6:30.

Evening plans include live theatre. This area is very touristy so there are at least 2 theatres operating with several live shows each week.
Laundry was also planned by some while others went out for supper and strolled along the quaint streets windowshoppnig or browsing in the many souvenier shops still open.