Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday, July 17, Leduc to Shelby, MT

Ted was up before the birds as usual and I wanted to quickly check to see if we had internet before going down for continental breakfast, which was free. We’ll only have tea & milk over at the White spot where we are meeting the rest of the crew. The distance between our motel and the White Spot was only minutes and we joined up with a few other couples waiting for the doors to open. Not everyone is here – some will meet us in the USA later today.
Our bikes all lined up along Gasoline Alley, Red Deer
After the breakfasts were consumed & the chatter & excitement, two groups of bikes left Leduc at 5 to 9. The road of choice is the QE2 to make time, and that we did. The first “potty” stop was in Red Deer at Gasoline Alley, where we arrived just before ten. :O Group One consists of 6 bikes, Al in the lead with CD Ted tail gunning. Group Two has five bikes with Big Ted leading and Wally bringing up the rear.
The Gang in Vulcan standing under the Starship Enterprise
Airdrie was the second stop, at the A&W at 11:30 where instead of eating, we were planning which route we were going to take to avoid Calgary. The decided route was Stony Trail to Hwy #1, then south on 797 through Langdon, Carseland, Mossleigh, then via #24/23 to Vulcan for lunch by 1:30 pm. A&W was the quickest place to eat – or something from the adjacent convenience store. Photo Op: the Enterprise of Star Trek fame.
Sweetgrass, MT waiting to get through customs
Then back in the saddle to head for Lethbridge, where the temperature steadily climbed to 29C (or 35C sitting at Safeway on Mayor Magrath Drive for gas.) This quick stop for fuel was followed by another quick trip down Highway 4 to Coutts/Sweetgrass border crossing. It was very hot there and we had the privilege of sitting out in the hot sun on the pavement while dogs were sniffing out drugs in the vehicles ahead of us. What luck to choose the line that wasn’t moving! However, we all made it through without incident.

Lucky for us Shelby is only 54 km ahead! Both groups pulled in to the Comfort Inn, Shelby just before 6pm after a long, hot day. Into the shower real quick! Ahhh…. That feels better. Nolan & Ricky are already here and will be meeting us for supper at the Rib Place next door at seven.

What a rowdy bunch we are! Always full of stories and fun at meal times. The waitress was wonderful to put up with us all! After rehydrating, we had some very good tasting food. Worth a little wait. Ted quickly said goodbye and was off to ride his mountain bike before bed, and the rest of us took the long walk around to the motel by 9pm.