Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost There!!!!

That means I am working on the Rally banquet page, which is page 117. I estimate there will be another ten pages or so, bringing our 2010 Travel book to 128 pages. I am trying to get it done for the August 31st deadline for 45% off, which will make our books just under $100 each. I can't decide if the cover will be cloth with one photo or imagewrap with the Devil's Tower photo of all our bikes in front all around the back & front! I'm going to try it and see what it looks like. Otherwise it will be the Roughlock Falls Group photo for the cover.
It's been a thrill for me to relive the days of our amazing vacation. Did it dawn on you how much we saw and did this trip? Way more than the others. That's why I'm up to 128 pages!! And sadly I had to leave out a lot of the great photos! I did include a candids page for each day - I just couldn't let all those awesome close-ups that Rick, Ryan, and Lloyd took, just sit in the files!