Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is Interesting to Say the Least . . .

Emma was at it again today . . . hunting birds, that is. Kristin & I were enjoying our lunch on the patio and the girls were next door at Helen's snooping around. I happened to see Emma jump into the huge cedar tree beside the front steps.
I went over to see if she was still in there, but she wasn't. . . she had climbed up onto the roof, in pursuit of a small sparrow who was sitting atop the tree.

Later, she was walking around on the roof assessing her ability to jump off, but decided to try and climb down the same way she got up . . . with one problem. She got STUCK!

I had to get the step ladder and get far enough into the tree to reach and pull her out. Now what would have happened if we hadn't been watching? I suppose she would have found her way down . . . eventually. And all for a little bird!