Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steak for STARS BBQ

Tuesday evening marked the Fall Steak for STARS event.  In spite of cooler temperatures, we had an excellent turnout of, approximately 65 persons.  Approximate, because we have yet to reconcile the member roster and the head count!
Anyways, Wally & Ross did an superb job of BBQ'ing the steaks for such a large number. Thanks to Don Thomson for thinking to bring his camp stove and getting the old coffee perking to warm up our old bones!
After all was said & done, it took us quite a while to go home!  It seems we wanted to chat in the parking lot!  Below is a fine photo of Terry & Alison Cooke, gearing up for the ride home to St Albert. Ali tells me it was a bit chilly going home . . . Terry, get that gal some chaps or textile pants!
And last, but not least, if you look at Arlene in the far right side of the photo, you'll see her clutching a travel book.  Yes, our lovely travel books came in yesterday at 3pm, in time for those who attended the BBQ to go home with their souvenier book from the Saskatoon Trip.  Enjoy!