Monday, October 18, 2010

Can you imagine ME forgetting my Camera?

Yep! I was seating people for the Sunday Matinee of CHAPS and thought I'd capture a few snaps while the show was starting. . .  much to my chagrin, I forgot my camera!  So I went home, sadly.  Pictureless.
Friday and Saturday night performances were a "hoot" I hear.  Except that Saturday night, Ted got pummelled with a headless dummy, splitting his top lip!  He had visions of a "bloddly" performance, but you know . . . "the show must go on . . . . then he sat down on his antique trunk and cut his finger . . . OMG! REmember me telling you that if not for Ted's Bad Luck, he wouldn't have any at all???

Speaking of dummies, here is a video I found of Damon Scott & Bubbles . . .  too funny!