Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Busy Weekend

Friday night was CATS performance #2 with Dala, 2 young ladies with sweet voices who reminded me of two singers, one soul.  They were absolutely together on every note with perfect harmonies. (Kind of a Sarah McLaughlin style.)  Too girlie for Ted, but excellent, nonetheless.

 Today we joined a few more GWRRA members for a tour of the Edmonton Waste Management Center in Cloverbar.  Edmonton has been a leader in recycling for more than 23 years, and we saw how they do it, from sorting garbage & blue bags, making compost, recycling glass jars into patio bricks, making fancy paper from old paper & cotton clothes. 
Modern mining is done by disassembling computer and other electronic equipment.  Did you know computesr have gold, silver, copper, lead and other goodies in them?
The Facility covers 600 acres and we had to take a bus around the complex. By 2012 year end, they hope to add a new operation up to make Ethanol fuel from any carbon-based garbage.  That means roughly 90% of Edmonton household rubbish will be recycled.  Not bad!