Friday, February 4, 2011

You Gotta See THis

Thursday evening was very unique as Ted & I set off with a busload of Rotarians for Radway!  Pete & Ursula Roberts have a quaint little establishment over there: Radway Royale Hotel where they are both chefs and owners.
 We were greeted at the door by a sign that said we were exclusive clients!
 No sooner had we sat down & we were brought appetizers . . .  gourmet to say the least!
 The atmosphere was amazing! Antiques and paraphernalia of every kind to be seen in every nook & cranny.
 A row of cast iron frying pans hung from the rafters . . . below a row of antlers . . .
 Pelts on the ceiling . . . these are only two of the many, including a skunk!
 Even snowshoes and skis . . .
 Just above the buffet table hung fancy pans and do you see the dryer hose with lights inside?
I can hardly even begin to tell you how good the food was.  These owners are superb chefs and did not disappoint with their menu.  Can you imagine New York Steak in a buffet?  It was done to perfection too!  We were are very impressed and I don't mind saying, we will be visiting there again . . .  soon!