Thursday, July 21, 2011

Opening Night!

Off to see the Wizard of Oz!  All I can say is  . . . WOWZA!!!  Right from the downed curtain with the huge dragon hovering atop, to the costumes, lighting, sets and music, it was worth every penny!
 We had seats right center, first balcony which was great to see the whole thing! The only downer was, I couldn't take pictures!  You don't know how many times my fingers itched to slip inside my purse and sneak that little powershot out . . . .
 The sets were so complex and beautiful.  Costumes were outstandingly detailed and colorful. Lighting even mimicked rain falling.  It was stupendous!
The talent was second to none.  Definately a Top Notch Performance. The story was surprisingly wonderful and clever.  Many twists and turns which included the 1939 movie facts we all know so well! Once the reviews come out in the papers, I doubt if there will be even one ticket left for Edmonton!