Friday, October 14, 2011

Good News & Bad News

Good News= the Rycroft books arrived today and are ready to go to their owners!
Bad News= cold medications are not touching this bug that I'm housing. The usual ones that usually work like magic for me, simply aren't cutting it.  Eating throat lozenges and going through a box of tissues . . .  I hate being sick!  My kitties are sympathetic, but are cooking me out!
Friday morning I woke up without the sore throat, but the headache & runny nose continues . . . I'd better be cured by Show Time Saturday Night!!!  The Rotary Play begins tonight!
p.s. Emma brought a mouse in this morning and got bored with it . . .  so I see the little thing running by me when I woke up . . .  darn cat!  Door is getting locked!