Friday, December 16, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Started working on a Christmas Album.  Even though I LOVE digital scrapbooking, I still love messing around with paper and scissors and glue!
 2. We had our Staff Christmas supper at Boston Pizza on Wednesday night.  Tyler came from ST Albert . . . . 
 This is our new girl Tara and her sweetie, Dean Hadley.
 3.  Meanwhile, Scott, Stan and the gang in Slave Lake, (Mitsue Militia) were wrapping gifts for Santa. Stan was the guy who started the t-shirt blitz after the SL fire last May.  Big Heart, has he. (my Scott is the one in the white hat ducking under the leaves!!)
 4. Finished the bare bones of the Album.  Just have to add photos and a few little do-dads to finish.
 5. Ted is working on Gordie & Jean's furniture.  We plan to deliver it Sunday.
 That pretty much sums up the entire week.  I am working one night shift tonight, then Monday.  Then I have no shifts until Dec 30th.  Good heavens!  What happened??  We hired  a temporary full time night shift gal, is what.  It's been years since we didn't have to scramble at every turn!  OMG!