Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seven on Sunday

 1.  Kristin made a costume for Lucy Lambert for the John Deere Ball Saturday night.
 2.  Ted doing a little ironing after finding some great shirts at Value Village.
 3.  Ted & I attended the Rotary Charter Night at the Westlock Inn.  Sat with Betty and Doctor Charlie!
 4.  The dessert Ted didn't eat.  Mmmmm . . .  cheesecake.  I ate it.
 5.  Scott was busy building a rack for his paddle board to mount on the ceiling in the garage.
6.  Now that we got a little snow, Ted fired up the snowblower to clear the patio and the Shed "Run".  Poor Goldwing is getting blasted.
This photo was taken just before 4:30pm so you can see the days are certainly getting longer up here in the Great White North.
7.  I found this crazy cartoon of a cat trying to get attention just when you want to curl up with a good book.  This is me with Emma !