Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday Walk

Walking the Rotary Trail today turned out to be more than I bargained for.  In order to dodge the lake just 50 yards down from our house, I took  the front street.  Turning  in beside the Spirit Center,  it looked pretty good . . .  I did wear boots, but not rubber, so I dodged into the trees to avoid the lake depth on the concrete path.  

 Water drainage is not top notch here!  At one point the sewer manhole was the highest point on the trail!!  LOL  I had to navigate through the cemetary to get around more lakes, and once crossing the Picardville road, it looked like smooth sailing . . .  . . . until I had to walk the railroad track- almost all the way to the campground.  I just couldn't find a dry spot to crass back over!   It was workout to say the least!

Later that night . . . .
Ted & Kristin toddled off to choir practice while I caught up on tv I had recorded earlier on my PVR (love that thing!).  I managed to catch an episode of Murdoch Mysteries I hadn't seen before,  not noticing that dusk had come & gone.  Uh oh. 
Squeaker came snorting in through the kitty door.   I was waiting for Emma . . . . & waiting.  I went outside to be  greeted eagerly by a full grown black lab.  Uh oh.  She was loping around the yard.

Then I spotted Emma . . . high in the trees!  Sheena (the lab) did not bark once!  I noticed a gent down the trail standing in the street light and called to ask if he was missing a dog.
"Well she has my cat up the tree!" 
He quickly came back assuring me Sheena wouldn't hurt anyone, (I already knew ), that she was a city dog and played with her own cat at home.  I tried to tell Emma, but she kept growling anyway!  It took quite some time, but Sheena was finally lured away by a doggie treat.

Now to get Emma down from way up in the tree.    I used one of Ted's ramps for the Goldwing, set it up securely against the tree trunk, and climbed up.  She was totally out of reach by about 3 feet.  She eventually crawled down to the next "Y" in the tree, about 2 inches from my fingers.  She wasn't going any further.  It was so cold, & I went in.   Tried to call Ted.  (He's taller, you see!)  Voice mail.  Ugh.  Donned warmer sweater, warmer gloves & camera.

I'm standing at the top of the ladder, now repositioned so I can get my foot on a small branch, in the cold night wind.  
 Emma decided just then to take a look around.  No leaves to obstruct the view . . . and the terror had subsided enough . . .  Finally about twenty to ten, she climbed into my waiting arms and I cuddled her securely for a few moments before heading down the ladder . . . uh . . . ramp . . . when  we both fell down the last 2 feet, thankfully landing in a dry spot

Next time Ted says to get a kitten with personality, I'll tell him to go pick one out himself or something like that!