Sunday, May 20, 2012

One of my Unfinished Projects . . .

. . .and I still have a few stashed away . . .  but my plan is to give away or finish (eventually) my quilting projects.  I loved hand piecing and hand quilting at one time, so I decided to give one of the tops I had worked on YEARS ago to the Barrhead Country Quilters.  They decided to hand quilt it and here you can see them coming in to the home stretch.  Hand quilting really is the only way to showcase the piecing. 
 This quilt will be raffled off next Spring during the Barrhead Quilt Show in April.  So you might win it if you buy a ticket.  I might have to get a few books of tickets to sell myself!
Ladies . . .  I am so happy to see this quilt giving you joy and I hope you make thousands of dollars on the raffle!  Love, Raylene.