Friday, June 1, 2012

Some planting is done

Got about half of my yard done.  Thursday morning, the wind was calm enough to spray those ugly dandelions, so that is done as well. A little peat moss & miracle-gro mixed in and voila!  The hostas are growing so fast you can sit & watch!
 Poor kitties had to stay inside all day and were NOT happy.  They sulked and pouted and snoozed the whole day.  Emma was still whining at 10pm, which is way past her curfew!
Friday I was too sore to do anything more than a little watering.  I still have two flower beds to plant.  I will be ecstatic when the bushes are big enough and I don't have to fill in with flowers!
Spent about an hour & a half in the ER this morning/afternoon . . . only to be sent to the doctors office.  (One of our girls had a little mishap with the screw gun) . . . let me give you this word of sage advice.  If you need stitches, go directly to the doctor's office.  They don't do simple stiiches in the ER anymore. Will save you at least 2 hours of your time.