Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Sixteen Whitehorse to Skagway & Back

We had a fabulous day!  Half of our group took the narrow gauge train through the White Pass to Skagway and the rest went by Goldwing on the highway.  Both routes were spectacular!  First stop was at Emerald Lake, the gorgeous green lake created by a glacier.
Next stop was at Carcross where the oldest general store in the Yukon still operates.  They have quality merchandise . . .
 Along the way, we pass into British Columbia, back into the Yukon, then into Alaska, which means passports . . . and 3 ducks in a row, taken from my "helmet cam"
 Still thrilling us everyday . . .  the scenes that change with every turn of the road and finds you gasping at the beauty before your eyes!

Once in Skagway, Karen, one of our Suzuki riders was given a lesson on Goldwing riding . . .  and was seen riding up & down Skagway streets with a big Chestershire grin on her face.  Following her lesson, the guys took her up to Dyea on the Wing for a test drive.  She passed with flying colors! 
Back 'home' again to Whitehorse with a quick stop at  Two Mile Canyon which contains the Yukon River. Here we are assembled on the bridge over the canyon.