Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Five Watson Lake to Whitehorse

After  a quick breakfast at Kathy's Kitchen, we set about to add our sign to the thousands of others in the Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake.  Always an occasion to split our sides with laughter!
 Our day today was mixture of cloud, sunshine & a bit of rain.  We crossed the Teslin Bridge in a rain shower.  Along the way we are encountering lots of other Wingers heading for Anchorage.  We hear there are 400 registered for the Rally!  WOW!
 Just about 50 km down the road, we had to turn into Johnson's Crossing for their famous cinnamon buns.  Collette really enjoyed hers!
 Here you can see some of the dark clouds, and even a bit of blue sky.  After the clouds blow away tonight, we are expecting lovely weather for the remainder of the week!  YES!!