Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day Fourteen Dawson City, Yukon

First thing we headed to the Midnight Dome for a spectacular view of the Yukon River valley.  Wally was tired of our newsletter photo so we had to take a new one!
Next stop was Gold dredger no 4, where we joined a one hour tour.  Awesome!
 Next, panning for gold, guaranteed to find gold, which we did!
 Evening Cruise on the paddle boat . . . two hours of heaven to end a glorious day in the Yukon!
 View from the boat . . . .
 Six rivers empty into the Yukon River, you can even see the differing colors of the water, some clear and the Yukon itself is very muddy.

While some of us were cruising down the river, the others were getting their certificates for the famous "Sour Toe" in Yukon Jack.  Pictures were taken and I will upload them as soon as they are passed along to me!