Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day Thirteen - Heading for Moose Jaw

Sadly this morning, we left Big Ted behind, waiting for a parcel at the Roosevelt Inn, Watford City. But not before I filled one 8GB card with pictures of the trip I have collected. . . . 7120 so far! Who knew?
We rode a short distance to Willmington where we met Nick & Debbie and had to stop at the Walmart for various items, including head lights for the bikes. Would you believe the Honda shop didn’t have them?

North to Canada through the Fortuna border crossing, where all of us had our trailers, saddle bags and trunks opened and checked.

. . . . It was a slow day . . . there were no other vehicles anywhere . . . but they were very nice about it, which was a bonus. The rolling hills of North Dakota suddenly turned into the flat plains of Saskatchewan. Farming is big business here. It became evident as we passed the grain fields that they’ve had too much rain. Even the truck ruts are filled with water! We also noted that oil & gas is BIG here. . . pump jacks everywhere!

Along the way, we stopped for a photo op at Dog River, alias Rouleau, SK where “Corner Gas” was filmed – at least that’s what they say.

Lunch stop was in Weyburn at . . . Tim Horton’s!! We had to restrain Terry from bowing down and kissing the parking lot . . . as he cried “thirteen days without Tim Horton’s!” We thoroughly enjoyed it, nothing like familiarity to make you feel right at home! Wally & Lorna left us then, to visit relatives and will join us later on the trip.

Moose Jaw was a new experience for most of us. It was bigger than expected and trees line the byways with an historic downtown area. We all want to visit the Al Capone tunnels but were too hot, dusty, & dirty to try to see them tonight. Arlene booked early morning tours for us which will leave us lots of time to reach Saskatoon by late afternoon.

Dinner was at Nick & Debbie’s hotel next door . . . sort of . . . as the dark clouds gathered and we heard thunder as we were eating. Our waitress offered up some comic relief . . . . sorry but you cannot enjoy it as the ‘voice’ doesn’t translate without a video and I don’t think anyone was brave or sneaky enough to take one! Debbie and Myrna got the giggles . . . must have reminded them of someone . . .