Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Twelve- Sturgis . . . .seriously?

How many Wingers does it take to re-plug a tire? Ted discovered the plug from yesterday didn’t hold overnight, so plug #2 was in order.
Then, after picking up subs from Subway, we left Rapid City for Watford City, which would be our last night in the USA. It looked like another hot day and hereafter will be known as ‘weather’ day, running the gamut from cool rain to scorching hot.

First stop of the day was Sturgis. The whole town is getting ready for the 70th annual Rally starting August 9th. Huge tents filled with t-shirts and paraphernalia of every kind were being set up or were already there. Of note were the many tattoo parlors down Main Street.

The Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame was our real destination, and we all paid our $5 to see – surprisingly few Harleys. An interesting DVD told all about the history of the Rally and didn’t even mention Harley Davidson. My guess is, it was one of the big sponsors along the way. 1937 was the year a motorcycle race was started with 12 participants. The Jackpine Gypsies was a small motorcycle club of six members that organized it, and Indian motorcycles were the bikes. It grew from there with the support and planning of the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce and businesses.

From Sturgis, the decision was made to go up Hwy 79 north to Watford City as rain and terrible construction made #85 inadvisable. The Scenic Route, as it turned out with gorgeous Badlands and farm lands covered with excellent crops, oodles of cattle, sheep & horses and surprisingly, many oil rigs and pump jacks.

Did I mention the HAY! OMG! Ted thought they were sheep at one point as the hills and dales are covered with huge bales as far as the eye can see!

We ran into some rain – about an hour, then stopped to peel off clothes and don cooling vests before arriving in Watford City at about 5:30. Wally & Lorna and Ted & I were upgraded to the suites and enjoyed royalty, if only for one night!