Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Eight- Day Trip to Devil's Tower

After a short night for some . . . domestic violence in the motel brought out the cops, ambulance and hopefully child services, beginning at 3:30am. I slept through it all . . . ear plugs DO come in handy!

Our day really started out on our journey to see Devil’s Tower. About 74 miles to get there but it was worth every one! Another national attraction so our Park passes worked here. Nice! We were able to hike around the base and surprisingly, see the cliff climbers scrambling up to the top. Turkey vultures were circled overhead and we thought they were waiting for failed climbers, but later found out that the top surface, about the size of a football field, was actually a meadow and lots of little creatures like mice, and snakes abound there.
Following our hike, we enjoyed our bag lunches in the shade at the visitors center. Incidently, the riding here in the Black Hills is second to none!

Our second adventure for the day was a visit to Deadwood. Always fun to see the quaint shops filled with tourists, although Ted & I noticed many of the shops on the East end of Main Street were closed. The economy has been tough on these folks.

After witnessing a gunfight in the street, we headed back to Spearfish for a Campfire hot dog roast at the City Center Campground, where Dave Bodnaruk has been staying in his little tent trailer right beside a babbling brook- what a gorgeous location. We roasted smokies over the fire pit and ate potato chips, watermelon and toasted marshmellows too. A BIG thank you to the two ladies who arranged all the food – we even had a tablecloth! WOW!