Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Seven Billings to Spearfish, SD

Parking Lot Mechanics topped up the antifreeze first thing this morning. After overheating on the Bear Tooth Pass yesterday, we all wanted to be prepared for today’s journey to Spearfish, SD.

A short hours’ drive down I-90 took us into Little Big Horn Battlefield Memorial. Ted decided to ride his mountain bike around the trail – ten miles in total, while the others took the Wings to the various points of interest. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Lunch came next on the agenda three miles around the corner in Garryowen at the Subway, which was a sweet little stop. The sandwich-maker was also the cashier for the gas pumps and I think we annoyed a lady who wanted fuel when almost 20 of us lined up for subs!

Originally we had planned to reach Spearfish via the I-90, but decided to take the Warrior Trail (hwy 212) instead. Terry was most excited to inform us of every antelope encountered along the way, and with fields almost ready for harvesting, there were plenty of them munching on the delicious crops.
Soon the Black Hills came into view – easy to see why they were named thus.

Thinking we were about to escape construction today, we entered Belle Fourche and found the whole main street torn up. (I would imagine the merchants are not too pleased about it . . . . a bit difficult to utilize their services unless you discover an alternate route to get to them!) Four-way stop signs at every intersection took a bit of time to navigate through, but we managed to ride the six miles Spearfish by 4:30-ish.

Our Travelodge is perfect for PLP . . . parking lot partying! Shady and cool surrounded by our rooms. Arlene made reservations for supper at “Shoot The Bull Steak House” however, the bull was shot much earlier and it continued right through the scrumptious meals everyone enjoyed.
Would you believe Bread Pudding was the special dessert this month?
Too much fun was had by all, and if the saying “laughter is the best medicine” is true, our entire group will be healthy forever!