Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Six Cody, WY to Billings, MT

The First stretch of our journey was the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway and it certainly lived up to its name! We stopped at least three times for photos. Scenery: superb. Riding the Curves: spectacular! Hard to imagine that each days’ riding is better than the day before! WOW!
Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Bear Tooth Pass was next with its switchbacks and hairpin turns. Most of the time we had no one in front of us so we could really ride! Fourteen bikes in a row. What a sight to behold!

The summit at 10,999ft was amazing – however the wind chill was brisk and we didn’t end up staying long, making up for it at the next official rest stop. Bikes everywhere and we didn’t witness any mishaps today which is a good thing.

Lunch stop at Red Lodge at Foster & Logan’s Pub. Imagaine 22 of us getting seated in a few minutes! The food was delicious as usual. After lunch we snooped around the town a bit before meeting at a brewery parking lot to regroup. I might add that we didn’t stop at the brewery for anything other than lining up in the big parking lot. . . . Only 59 miles now to Billings! The last two days have been a less strenuous pace and as such are more enjoyable.