Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Seventeen - We're Home!

I managed to scrounge pictures from all but Wally & Nick (who promised either to send a DVD or post onto a web gallery) and final count = 8294 pictures, 24.6GB! Add in these other 2 and that should give me close to 10,000 photos to work with! What was it the ‘little engine that could’ kept saying . . . ?
After breakfast the Super 8 crew headed back to the Rally headquarters to see who won the big prizes. Our gang won a good portion of the remaining door prizes, but the two major grand prizes went to the Calgary Assistant Chapter Director (two new tires) and his wife (2 jackets & matching helmets)!!!! I hope they had room to carry all that loot home with them!!
Terry informed us that our departure was precisely at 9:03 and we had divided highway almost all the way.

First potty stop was in North Battleford at Tim Horton’s, where we said goodbye to Myrna & Larry.

Lunchtime in Lloydminster, where we gassed up again and crossed over the border into Alberta. We continued to lose travelers as they turned off the various road to their homes.

We lost the last rider in Fort Saskatchewan as we waved goodbye to Terry.
Ted and I arrived home at 4:45 and our little girls greeted us and haven’t stopped cuddling since! We are glad to be home, but another successful trip, the long way around to Saskatoon, is under our belts for another year. A big Thank You to Al & Arlene for planning such a wonderful holiday, and a Whoohoo! To the brave new people who took a gamble and came with us. I hope you had as much fun, or more than we did.
Let’s do it all again next year . . . The Top Five Tour. . .