Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Sixteen - Scenic Ride to Waskesieu

The Rally schedule today mainly consisted of a 500km ride to Waskesieu.
Teams of seven persons, each led by a Ride Captain, set out from differing locations at staggered times. Destination: Prince Albert National Park. Usually huge lakes don’t come to mind when thinking of Saskatchewan, yet here lay the proof. Many of our group didn’t realize what a huge ride is was, and were a bit less than ecstatic about another full day of riding, but the scenery made it all worth it. I heard about a large pot hole launching Myrna’s water bottle into space! Any other stories to tell?

Sunday evening’s Show ‘n Shine downtown gave all the Rally participants an opportunity to show off their Wings, not only to each other, but also to the public.

This was followed by a Parade, which was a first time activity for many and the highlight of the Rally for others. An off duty policeman (riding a HD) led close to a hundred Wings with flashing lights, music and honking horns over two of the seven Saskatoon bridges then back under another and along the River.

Saskatoon is a beautiful city with a well developed river district and it was a pleasure to cruise along its many tree-lined streets.

Dairy Queen was at the end of the road, or pizza hut, KFC, etc, whatever your pleasure. There, a lady in a van came by and told Ted & I that she had seen the parade from an outlook and was thrilled by the sight. She said her hubby would be really disappointed to have missed it!
I have mentioned Ted’s early morning rides all along, but today you get to see photos!