Monday, August 9, 2010

Technical Tip Today

I am literally up to my eyeballs in vacation photos. Because I collected 8,000+ photos from our Goldwingers, I have to eliminate as much confusion as possible. Big Ted tells me that when a picture is deleted from your camera, one jumps in to fill the spot, resulting in jumbled files. I upload each person's file into my computer, but how do I get these files to stay in chronological order? This is how you do it:

1. open the file and view as a list , ie. SAM_002 (not thumbnails)
2. then click on view files as "pictured taken on" (the order will change)
3. highlight the entire list (select all)
4. right click on the first entry, then click "rename" type new name: ryans 2, scotts, etc
5. click anywhere on the empty white space
6. files will be renamed with the new name plus sequential numbers at the end, ie scotts (18)

This little tip has me cackling and giggling, because I have just saved myself TONS of time and frustration!

Update: I have drafted Days One, Two and Three of the Travel Book. Sneak Peek: