Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is how the conversation went down:
"Take your ear plugs out," Ted mouthed.
"Okay . . . " I said, sleepily.
"We had a little accident today."
"Oh? What happened?" My eyes getting bigger.
"I got clipped . . . the saddlebag . . . just like in Calgary, so I came home."
(we witnessed the same thing in July '08 while on a ride with the Calgary Chapter)

"It happened at the Devon turnoff. We were stopped. I had Lorna with me, because Wally was missing the left foot peg."
"Did you go down?"
"Yes, but onto the side rests and gently. ------, felt so bad."
"I can only imagine. Did anyone take pictures?" I asked, eagerly.
"Where's my camera???" said I, flying out of bed.

"Nevermind, I took some already."