Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No cure for Stupid

Yesterday evening we had a great Farewell Gathering for two gals from work who moved UP in the world of nursing.  There must have been 30 nurses there . . . of course I had my camera, snapping away merrily.  It wasn't until it was almost time to go home that I noticed a sign in the viewing window that said "no memory card."  What?  I opened my camera and found I had forgotten to reinsert the memory card after downloading pictures into my laptop the night before . . . OMG! 

Then I went to pay for my meal and the $20 bill I had put in was gone, I probably pulled out something else and it landed on the floor . . .  gone . . . They don't come any dumber!

Then on the way out to my car, I slipped and fell on the ice, scraped my knee and my pride.  Yup, there is NO cure for stupid!