Thursday, February 10, 2011

Please, Can I Have Some More?

I didn't quite capture the big Puss 'N Boots eyes in this shot, but believe me, they were looking at me!  It was hard to resist, but I didn't give in!  Scott says kitty treats are like Red Bull, and I don't need that for those two!  They were always begging for the treats, because I don't think they fancied the Really  Expensive Vet Clinic Kitty Food.  I tried the Really Expensive Vet Clinic Kitty Food, thinking Emma was allergic to something . . . yeah right!  She's just Miss Piggy, that's the long and short of it.
Today, they finally finished up the last of the Really Expensive Vet Clinic Kitty Food, and we can go back to cheap old Friskies . . . you should have seen them when I put Friskies in the bowl! You'd think it was gourmet or something!