Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday 2-28-11

Got up and wandered over to the MGM Grand to get on a bus to the Outlet Mall about 45 minutes away. Nice to sit in the bus – the day looks gorgeous! I got all my shopping done in the first hour and was ready to head back. Nice stores! Big sales! Cheap purses!

The new outlet mall
 Caught the 3pm bus back to Vegas and are spending a bit of time in the casino before going downtown to Freemont Street. $7 buys a 24 hour bus pass, so off we went!
Freemont Street is what is left of old Las Vegas, and this is where I found the Vegas I remembered in 1966. The street is only 2 lanes, and the lights start from the sidewalk up. Now it is covered with a canopy, on which is projected video art complete with sound and millions of lights. Tributes to the eighties, American Pie, the Doors and Queen were seen up overhead as we stood on the hour, with our heads cocked back as far a they would go, watching the psychedelic art danced in the sky. The most famous hotel-casino is the Golden Nugget, and Binions where the casino is big enough to lose somebody in.

Kim getting paid her $111.70

this is what a million dollars looks like
Can you see the zip-liner?