Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday 3-1-11

First stop: the Luxor to see the Titanic Artifacts exhibit. Awesome. Awesome. (They told me I couldn’t take photos inside, but that didn’t stop me!) Even when the attendant told me I had to delete it . . . . which I did NOT. Just took a few but it was amazing! Lots of information which I breezed through, but the artifacts and the display was very well done. They even have a huge piece of,fuselage! Once in the gift shop, you can purchase authentic dishes, blankets, even a bit of coal left over from the furnaces! I chose a replica pocket watch for Ted. It is just thrilling to open the casing and see the old Roman numerals and the hand ticking away! I asked the cashier how many times she had seen James Cameron’s “the Titanic” movie which is showing . . . she said, “too many!’
 Next stop: Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. All the hotels in this corner of the Blvd are connected by walkways, so I trekked over there. It happened that a kindergarten class was just going in and this made my trip all the more fun! To hear those kiddies squealing with delight over the fish, stingrays and sharks! Too much fun! The display itself is small, but well done and I really enjoyed it. Two divers were in the big tank cleaning gunk from the rocks. It was fun to watch the sharks bugging these guys! I was having a blast with the little 3 year old next to me as we commented on all the goings-on!

 After a quick costume change, I met Arlene & Carol at the MGM Lion Habitat. There are 37 lions living at a ranch nearby, and the lions take turns at the MGM doing 5 hour shifts. The soundproof habitat is maintained at 75 degrees & 51% humidity. We were lucky enough to see the two females play ball with the trainers for a bit.

 Following this, we headed down to the Bellagio Gardens on the Bus. The garden celebrates the Chinese New Year of the rabbit. The displays of flowers and art was stunning!

 Right after this, I stood in line for one “Ka” ticket (the others had seen it) and managed to get a good seat right in the center! We then hustled into Television Studio, where we watched a TV program then rated it What an unexpected and fun activity that offered us an hour to get off our feet! Free coupons were our reward. I was starved and a pepperoni pretzel tasted mighty good to me!
The other four ladies will be hopping the bus for Planet Hollywood to check out a sushi restaurant there, while I attend the Cirque de Soliel performance at seven.