Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday 3-2-11

 CSI, here we come.  What a fun exhibit.  Three crime scenes.  Choose one.  Pick up your chip board and commence to solve the crime with the assistance of the CSI: Las Vegas unit. The three of use each chose a different crime and off we went. Advice from the CSI people to get started.  Awesome.  Hands on equipment, Helpful videos.  It was a blast!
 Afterwards, Arlene & I headed to Treasure Island to see the pirates, but they don’t appear until dark.  Oh.  Rode the tram to the Mirage where we met a couple from  Melbourne, Australia.  I love visiting with tourists!  We visited the Seigfreid & Roy Secret Garden, Dolphin & Lion Exhibit at the Mirage.  Beautiful exhibit! 

 Back home for the Tournament of the Kings.  Corky & Leanne met us, . . . .everyone sits at tables surrounding a large dirt-filled arena.  The rows of guests were divided into countries, so we could cheer on our King. Just before eating, Merlin gave us a quick session on how to cheer, drink our ale and show appreciation to the Kings.  The delicious meal commenced, which was eaten the fingers . . . 

 What a Tournament was put on!  Each King rode his trusty steed and was quite adept at handling same in races, jousting, and fighting games. I give them all a gold star for the handling of these amazing animals in such a small area, as well as the stunting and fighting. The hour long show was a real treat!