Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday 3-3-11

Our gorgeous tour bus was ready & waiting for us outside the hotel at 6:15am.  Orlando, our bus driver, then drove us out to the Airbridge Tour Center, where we rec’d our complimentary breakfast  a juice box & a granola bar). 

 First stop Hoover Dam and photos were taken from the Mike O’Callaghan-Pete Tillman Memorial Bridge. 
 It took until just after noon to get to the Grand Canyon, however, we had to trade our luxurious black bus for a clunkier white one that could withstand the rough dusty roads to get there!  *cough*cough*  The weather was fantastic too.  It can be 3 C at this time of year, but the sun was out and so warm, we  only wore t-shirts.  If the wind came up a bit, we slipped into our light jackets.
 Arriving first at Eagle Point, two of our braver ladies ventured out onto the Skywalk to glance 4000ft down through the plexi glass floor, to the canyon bottom. 
 Later, we enjoyed an authentic Native Indian dance demonstration.  The costumes were amazing!
 Next,  we took a shuttle bus to Guano Point. This stop had the best views in my opinion.
 On the way home, Orlando slowed up a bit, enough to let us see the Hoover Dam under the lights
He delivered us to the Excaliber around 7pm. We’re all dusty, tired but happy!  Time to head for home . . .  see you all soon!