Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Six

The day started early with no coffee until 0730 when the restaurant will serve us breakfast.  The plan for this morning is to stop in at Nacusp at the Hot Springs for a half hour swim.
 DH56 runs from Nacusp to the Ferry. I just found out today the highways are all rated and this one is no exception (although not near the top ten).  BC is THE place to ride Goldwings, which are the largest Sport Bikes on the planet.  Even dragging me along as co-rider and our trailer, the roads are no problem for Ted and we can keep up with the best of the best . . .  almost!

The Ferry was a quick 5 minutes across and we were given no preferential treatment.  Usually because of their size, motorcycles get on and off first.  Not so here.  However, this section of road is DH2 and the traffic dissipated quickly and we were free to “zoom zoom” all the way with few vehicles to overtake. 
I cannot describe the rides, and pictures don’t tell the story very well either. I tried to get a shot of the guy ahead of us banking around the corners, but I have to be careful not to shift my weight around on these corners as it affects the control Ted has. It was awesome to say the least!

 The end of DH2 comes right at the Gold Panner Campground which is where we stopped for a delicious homemade lunch.  The most gorgeous camping facilities I have ever seen! Highly recommended.  WOW!  It is currently owned by Rick Potter from Alberta, former owner of California Sidecar. (A nice little reunion was had by all as Rick is a GWRRA member of our chapter!)
 The temperature in the Okanagan Valley was now 30 C and many are wishing we had our cooling vests on!  Stopped for gas just before entering Vernon,  (3:18pm). We are also stopping at the Honda dealer here . . . .  enough said.
 The Westside Road (DH11) was tougher to find and Group 1 got a bit lost.  Group 2 had Lloyd to thank for his experience in finding it, as there were NO signs indicating where we were going!  I guess the motorcyclists were trying to keep it a Big Secret . . .  very effective people!
I must say, if the road was in better condition, it would definitely be close to the top of the Top Ten. What a challenge! What a thrill! Ted & I passed our old stomping quarters, the Eichorn Family Cabin, although I’m not sure it would still be standing. Now houses fill the field in front.
The approach to Kelowna from high on the hill was spectacular, if not a bit scary! The road is so high with no shoulder to speak of and no guard rails!  We stopped briefly at 6:09 to breathe and regroup before covering the last 15km to the Days Inn, Kelowna.

The race for the Laundry facilities was on! I got there first: only one washer and one dryer for this huge hotel.  The others were trying to find somewhere to eat . . . nothing was close by and we are too tired to walk anywhere and certainly no riding allowed! We ordered three huge pizzas instead from Boston Pizza and the party was on! In our room, 115. Yeah, big partyers . . . they all went home before ten pm and I think all were asleep before eleven.