Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Seven

 We are keeping to our departure time of 0830 very well. Now that I know what the DH’s are, we are travelling six of them today, including Seven and Ten. More fun to be had! Corky & Marriettia are travelling by car today, visiting wineries. Who’s gonna be the designated driver??

 Guess what? Group One got lost again and Group Two led all the way to Rock Creek, which was DH 7, a lovely ride of gentle curves with enough 30km corners to keep Ted awake!  A stretch of 10 km had brand new pavement – there were no lines for the last 3 km!  Fun for all!  I thought I saw a mama moose & 2 calves beside the road, but Ted led the rest of Group 2 astray be telling them the moose were “left” instead of right, and now, no one believes me.  I don't think I do either!
 Rock Creek is a cute little town with sweet old fashioned shops & eateries.  We stopped for gas & a potty break, heading for Osoyoos and Tim Horton’s for lunch.
 Osoyoos is the biggest surprise of the day for me.  Having never been here, I assumed it was a dustbowl similar to Kamloops, and was  not prepared to see a beautiful city builtt on a Lake with a peninsula crossing the middle.  Tourists flock here in summer for the beaches and boating, and winter vacationers enjoy the mildest winters in Canada.
 Tim Horton’s was the place for lunch.  Ted & I worked on the pizza leftovers in the parking lot – just enough time for a quick sun tanning session before checking out DH 17 from Oliver to Okanagan Falls. 
 This is definitely Wine Country. It is also hot & dry and anything not irrigated is brown.
 DH 32 took us from Okanagan Falls to Penticton. Group One got us lost again, searching for Green Mountain Road which was the most fun of the day, travelling to highway 3A junction. We stopped to regroup just before launching out, discovering that the temperature was a scorching 34 C!
Green Mountain Road was awesome, with curves aplenty and enough corners to satisfy.  I’m glad we found this little treasure!
 A little more than 100km took us to our final destination of the day, Princeton.  Dick Baker, and the Winery sisters had gone on ahead, and secured the hotel.  After we arrived, before even ten mintutes had passed, John Broomhall cruised into the parking lot and we were a family complete.
Gear was unpacked, rooms inspected, then most of the group wanted to take in ONE MORE destination highway, DH 10. The rest set up chairs on the deck and are enjoying refreshments, cheese and tomfoolery!!