Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Eight

I'm not going to include my diary here . . .  it seems that we have cheaters aboard and they steal my words for their newsletter articles!
Up at 5:30 and Ted was already up and gone for a bicycle ride. The parking lot had a few leprechauns removing covers & cleaning windshields!  (we bring them with us every trip!) 

Trip resumes at 0830 each morning and Ted got back, filled up with gas, then found he needed air in the tires.  While doing that, he discovered his brakes were not right!  Two 2x4’s later and tipping of the front end forward, some fiddling, and it was fixed.  Terry was holding down the front end . . .  and John was holding down his back end!
The mirror lakes & ponds on DH42
Hells' Gate gondola and bridge

Eating lunch at Hell's Gate

The Gang at Hell's Gate

Our room, Party Central

Harrison Hot springs just before sunset.  gorgeous!