Saturday, January 7, 2012

Five on Friday & Saturday

At first I thought the weekend was boring and nothing happened . . .
 I finally completed the Project Life 2011 HUGE scrapbook!  Whew!  I should weigh it . . .over ten pounds at least!  This was a scrapbook I did over the past year, taking photos nearly everyday.  Definately going digital this year!
 Ted went out quadding on Saturday with Murray Reeder and a few other guys north of Flatbush.  Looks like this bush is the only place in Alberta with any snow!
 I said I'd find it!  The 2 boxes of Christmas stuff I had lost for at least three years . . . And there it was under my nose the whole time.  I looked everywhere, including on the floor right under this location . . . I guess I need to look up more! I put those bright stickers on the side so I would know where to look next year!
 I have been cleaning my craft room a corner at a time.  Yesterday it was the book shelf.  You may think this doesn't look that neat, but believe me, it's a 100% improvement.  A huge bag of garbage went out.  A few days ago I emptied 2 boxes of fabric scraps and quilt projects.  Gave those away.  Feels good!  More corners to go!