Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye, John Lehman

John Lehman passed away, Jan 5, 2012.  He had throat cancer.  No treatments were successful, although they tried many things. However, he died from a heart attack caused by an embolism.  Complications of the cancer I imagine.

We will always remember John as our first neighbor in Westlock.  John told me Kristin used to come over to sit on the back step for a chat (while the neighborhood boys were all out riding bikes or some other adventure.)

Ted will remember the guy with big ideas and he was privileged to work on several projects, before the now famous “Trike” he developed for his wife Linda.  She wasn’t excited about riding a two wheeled motorcycle.  The world is glad he did!  The rest is, of course, history.
In 2009, we were in Sturgis where we saw John’s story on the Wall of Fame in the Motorcycle Museum there..  Our chests puffed up with pride.  Not everyone can say they knew him personally.

So long, John, may you rest in peace.  We will always fondly remember & think of you!