Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Three Smithers to Bell 2

Gorgeous day!  The snow capped mountains were spectacular . . .  every corner we turned revealed a new 'postcard'!!  Rivers are running very high . . .  with all that snow melting no wonder!  We took a little side trip to Hyder, Alaska . . .  the glaciers along the road are many & we passed at least 2 sections of avalanche repairs!
Bear Glacier
We were told that while in Hyder, you MUST eat the fresh fish&chips from the "BUS", which took us 3 hours to be served . . .  it was a small bus, and a big group of Wingers were there just ahead of us!  During our long wait, we were promptly eaten by black flies & mosquitos . . . gotta remember the bug spray!!
Meanwhile, Ted rode his bike 4 miles to the salmon spawning area and saw salmon 3-4 feet long lying very still.  He had to stare & stare to notice a little movement, but they were there!  Too early for the bears to feed, although we did see at least 3 black bears along the roads today.
Our destination is Bell 2, where we stayed in a swanky hotelier . . . all cabins named after flowers or animals, or fish, as our cabin was named Steelhead.  next door neighbors were Squirrels, etc.  
Very European in that they really CHARGE for everything . . .in spite of a hefty $211 charge for the squirrely cabin!  no TV, no a/c, no internet or phone service . . . and the buffet was $22 per person.  We made sure that Dave B got his money's worth . . . we helped him eat baby back ribs and yam fries & dessert when the lone girl serving wasn't looking.