Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day Two: McBride to Smithers BC

I am having  computer issues here.  My laptop is giving me much grief,so I will post when I can.  We are traveling long days so I am  tired at rides' end . . . but will try to upload pictures each day.  No commentary.  Sorry.  No time for it!
This is how we roll . . .  showing 2 groups of the three together for this photo!
Most important stop of the trip next to fuel!
As always, we encounter construction, although so far we haven't had to stop too much.
Sightseeing at a lunchstop
Mix in a little rain to cool us off!
We are having fun!
Alexander Keith's . . . . didn't hear a big choir though. . . .Ted says, not as good as Rickards!