Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Get the Verdict Later . . .

Somewhere on the way to Alaska, I got a bug bite or whacked my elbow, it swelled, got infected & hurt like crazy!  Didn't really notice until Tok, and by then who knows where the nearest nursing station/pharmacy was.  So I put ice on it and ignored it.  It quit hurting after 2 days.

Fast forward to home Aug 2 . . .  I called & made an appt with the Doc, she saw it and put me on antibiotics for one week.  I go to check in this morning . . .  It doesn't look any different, leaving me to contemplate IV antibiotics, aspiration and who knows what else . . . . Catch you up later. 

Later: Good News!  The infection is gone, she will drain it and insert cortizone on Monday and I can have my elbow back!